Augusta Clarke


I help business owners in the Equestrian niche achieve their goals, make more money and make sure their brand looks damn good doing it!

I help business owners in the Equestrian niche achieve their goals, make more money and make sure their brand looks damn good doing it!


Complete branding solutions, regardless of how big or small the project is. I’m passionate about effective branding and the role it plays in success. Keep branding on point with strong, beautiful and memorable promotional material, packaging, flyers, business cards, menus or thank you cards. All digital and print media are catered for.

I do more than just create beautiful websites for my clients. I help business to attract, educate and covert customers while streamlining their administrative processes and simplifying their business.

With over 15 years of equine business  development and marketing experience, I’ve developed a knack at getting to the heart of a clients needs and implementing a successful strategy. Each strategy is tailored to the requirements of business and customer to ensure goals are met.

Get to know me

Born in Australia to English, entrepreneurial parents. I have business, design and horses in the blood. But don’t let that last bit turn you away! 

I’ve always loved business, goals, data and dreams that are so crazy I can’t help but jump all in! I’ve been described as natural entrepreneur with a with a big vision mind set. So when COVID shut down life and the opportunity came up to study a Batchelor of Design and Visual Communication there was no question. 

Coming from a background of high-level business development and elite level sport I understand the need for design collateral to be more than just attractive. It needs to be thoughtful, planned, disciplined and above all; work for you. 

My usual background allows me to look at every project as an individual. Incorporating business development expertise, a deep understanding of up-to-date marketing practices, business goals, client and target audience knowledge to create unique results.

This is why I say I’m more than ‘just’ a designer; I’m a business development expert with a love and passion for design and creating assets that function how you need them to. 

Fun fact: I’m dyslexic. Sometimes it’s a hindrance but more often than not it’s a blessing as my brain works a little differently. It also means you’ll find typos around here, but don’t worry, chances are I can’t see them!


What my customers say


"I came to Augusta with the goal of growing my Facebook page with a specific target market. We had an aim to increase our followers from 1500 – 5000. Well, we blew that out of the water and hit nearly 20,000! Her knowledge of the equine industry and the technical needs really made it a simple process."

Daily Equestrian


As a unique and busy riding school we required a unique service to achieve personal and business goals. The result was more than we could have hoped creating freedom, autonomy and growth. 

Eastside Riding Academy


Fab company. Lovely, professional people to deal with and full of good ideas, and vast industry knowledge. 100% recommend.

Tidy Tack Rooms

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creation that's driven by design & data.